• Local Gent Shaving Co. Wooden Shaving Bowls

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    Handmade in the US wooden shaving bowls in your choice of Oak or Maple. Each bowl has a tapered edge to give you the perfect grip when making your lather. Press in your favorite soap puck and your ready to build the finest lather anywhere. Specially sealed to keep water out for years of service and storage needs. Fits any of our 3" 4 oz. shaving soap pucks. 

    I know what your saying "Where is the lid?" well with most soap pucks allowing the puck to dry out over time will not only make your soap last longer, but will age it to preform even better from shave to shave! so the need of a lid is not really required. But if your still want a lid for your bowl please let us know as we have a custom lid option available for your bowl. Now that's service!