Local Gent Shaving Co. Tobacco Lounge Shaving Cream

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The Tobacco Lounge was a true creation of inspiration. Love having a nice cigar from a Spanish cedar lined humidor while relaxing in a old leather club chair? Then this soap is for you! we have created a custom bled to give you a fresh and sweet musk to create those sweet high notes and the feeling of being in a classic cigar lounge. Does not get more manly than that! Our shaving cream offers a custom blend of quality ingredients to give you a full lather and a clean shave. Using only the finest in soap making materials helps maintain your razors and brushes while keeping your face looking moisturized, clean, and refreshed. 

Ingredients: Water, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance oils, Essential oils and Germaben II-E.